About Soundpad - Since 1972

Born in 1972 and nurtured through the many musical styles of Rock, Pop, Punk etc. to Techno and Dance we've had a wealth of experience. We are an independent, family business with its finger on the pulse. Over the years we have had several large stores and at present we are located in Barnstaple, North Devon, UK. When we started our Mail Order business over 40 years ago, hardly anyone had a cheque book and credit and debit cards were not even on the horizon. Most sales were made by Postal Orders or Finance and delivery was by Red Star to the customer's nearest Rail Station for collection. How hard could it be! The Internet, Credit / Debit cards and fast efficient delivery to the door has certainly made life easier. Our aim has always been to have knowledgeable, friendly staff and provide professional advice and the right price. We have large stocks of the leading brands. Service and backup -second to none. Fast and efficient delivery.


“47 years.. I just can't believe it” says Graham Pell (director), the owner and creator of Soundpad. Started in 1972 in Leicester, when rock 'n' roll was at its peak, since then the business has seen a massive change in the music industry. At the time Soundpad was the largest Musical Instrument Store in Europe. It hosted the biggest selection of guitars & amplifiers available, and even had a dedicated drum floor. It's aim was to provide everything any musician needed to get going. Although the music industry has seen a big change since then, Soundpad's goals are still the same. It's knowledgeable and friendly staff have a wealth of experience and are always willing to provide their professional advice.


Graham Pell and his son, Richard Pell (manager), have always been the driving force behind the business. Together having a combined experience of over 70 years, there is little they don't know!


“Having started in a Rock 'n' Roll industry, we have had to adjust the business over the years as different styles come and go” says Richard Pell. “The rise in dance music during the 90's saw our business change massively. Suddenly we became a DJ & Disco store.”


Having made the move from Leicester to Barnstaple in 1988, Soundpad established itself in the heart of the Devon music community. Joined by other long term staff members, Soundpad has continued to evolve.


“With acts like Ed Sheeran being big in the charts, we have seen a rise in the Acoustic guitar and folk market. With the internet and YouTube, it has never been easier to learn the guitar, and the acoustic guitar is the perfect place to start.” says Graham.


Soundpad stock a large range of Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitars. They also stock a large range of Keyboards & Digital Pianos, Drum kits & Percussion, P.A Systems, Microphones, Studio Recording Equipment, DJ & Disco Lighting, as well as a large selection of Accessories, Music Books, Guitar strings & straps, Drum sticks & skins, and much much more. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm. Closed Wednesday & Sunday.


“We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support.”

Soundpad in Leicester, Mid 70's. London Road Shop.