Carl Martin Red Repeat Delay

Based on the infamous Delayla. 600 Millisecond Delay.


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Carl Martin Red Repeat Delay
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Based on the infamous Carl Martin Delayla, the ‘Red Repeat’ provides an affordable 600 milliseconds of delay as well as a simply controlled echo. Add just a touch of delay to thicken your sound, or push the repeat circuit past 12o’clock where the unit begins to self-oscillate, just like an old analog delay. Great vintage style and colour in a heavy diecast, 9 volt pedal with heavy duty bypass switching.

The Carl Martin Red Repeat is red, and hurrah, it repeats. This Danish-made pedal really nails it with a diecast housing straight out of the 1950s and creamy chickenhead knobs. It’s a straight-in and straight-out pedal with a regular 9V supply slot and a metal footswitch. Switching on is silent and the pedal it self produces little or no noise – but, boy what a sound. The straight guitar sound remains completely intact and there’s no diminution of transients or dynamics. Plenty of the delays in this group have a lo-fi or low-pass filter setting but the amount is preset: the Tone control (LPF) on the Red Repeat allows you to set it anywhere you like. What’s more, the decay is spookily tape-like, and even with full treble you will hear echoes becoming grainier and more overdriven as they tail away. With delays ranging from short slapback to about 600mS you can get everything from retro to Edge territory – but the thing that really sets this one apart is that it never seems to interfere with what you’re playing.
Just go out and buy one before they realize it’s a `boutique´ pedal, stick a blue LED in it and double the price.

Next up was the Red Repeater analog delay, which also proved to offer a quality effect without any noticeable added noise or coloration of the natural tone, just that classic analog delay/echo sound with those slightly dirty “not so sterol” repeats. The time control offered anything from a super short slap back all the way up to a 600 milliseconds of long delay. The tone control (or high cut control in this case) rolled off high-end on the repeats, allowing us to soften the repeats so they did not get in the way of the dry signal, somewhat like the low fidelity repeats you would get from a tape echo.

Review Harmony Central
The Red Repeat is dead quiet when off and only adds noise when the echo starts approaching 3:00, which is pretty much the same on all delay units. The actual tones coming out of it are some of the best I’ve heard. For comparison, I have owned: Replica, DD7, Dan Echo, Keeley AD9, Korg stage echo, Headrush.
First of all, it’s dead silent, on or off. After that, it’s a great sounding delay. I don’t know what else you could want. Maybe if this was on Brad Paisley’s or John Mayer’s pedalboard it would caost $300 and it would be very popular, but I’ll take it just like it is.

Review Harmony Central
I play mostly blues rock, ala Jeff Beck, Hendrix. Use an Eric Johnson Strat and a Les Paul Standard through a Fender Twin and Marshall. I own a Chandler Stereo Digital Echo. That is hands down the best echo I’ve ever owned. I tried an EH Memory Man Deluxe, but found it a little too hot in the signal. Also, no real lengthy spacey delay. The Red Repeat is great value for the money. Most good “vintage style” echoes run about $150 to $300. Get this pedal, it doesn’t disappoint.


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