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Fender 1962 Precision Bass

Pre-owned: Rare and Collectable! NOW REDUCED!!


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Fender 1962 Precision Bass

Here is a beautiful 1962 Fender Precision Bass. The serial number is dated 1962, and the neck is stamped 5DEC62C. '5' meaning Precision, 'Dec 62' meaning December 1962 and 'C' meaning the neck size and shape.

The Neck

The neck has a lovely feel. It has a slight wider nut width of 1 3/4", slightly larger then the standard 1 5/8". It features a Rosewood Veneer Fingerboard which is in fantastic condition. The rosewood having a fantastic deep colour. The frets are original and also in great condition, with plenty of playing life left in them. The Fender logo is original, as is the lacquer on the front of the headstock. The back of the neck has been re-finished at some point, however it looks like it was done some time ago. The finish looks like a Polyurethane Lacquer, however it has been very well done and makes for a very nice smooth feel neck. The machine heads have also been changed over the years. We believe them to be from a later Fender P bass. On the back of the headstock is a strap pin, which is believed to be original.

The overall condition of the neck is fantastic for a bass of this age, with only 1 or 2 small marks that only adds to the character of this guitar.

The Body

Like the neck, the body has also been re-finished many years ago in Orange Sparkle, again with a Polyurethane Lacquer.

The scratch plate is the original tortoiseshell plate, which has the original holes for the finger rest (finger rest not included).

The bridge is original and in full working order. There is a bridge cover included with the guitar, which looks like it could be original, we have been unable to confirm this. There are 2 original screw holes in the body of the guitar, either side of the bridge which do line up perfectly with the bridge cover. We do believe the bridge cover to be original.

With the guitar is also a pickup cover, which we are unable to confirm its originality. The cover screws into the body, covering the pickups.

The volume and tone knobs are non original (the pots are original) and have been changed at some point. The knobs are a brass colour. These could easily be changed for more period correct ones if need be.

The neck plate on the back of the guitar has a stamped serial number dating to 1962. Four screws secure the neck to the body. In the neck pocket you can see indications of the guitars previous colour. We believe this to be Fiesta Red. We have been unable to confirm exactly when the guitar was re-finished, however we believe it to be many years ago.

The overall condition of the body is fantastic for its age. The finish is super glossy and the original sparkle has a lovely sparkle in the paint. There are some general marks on the body, as expected with a guitar of this age, however in our opinion this only adds to the charm of this guitar.

The Electronics

The Volume and Tone pots are original. They are Stackpole pots, stamped 6237. '62' meaning 1962 and '37' meaning the 37th week of 1962. The pickups have been replaced. We are unable to identify what the pickups are, however they do sound amazing!!

The Sound

This bass has a tone like no other. It has a big deep low end, with a bright punchy top. Roll off the tone and you get a monster sub bass low end! A true P bass in tone, this bass would be hard to beat!

The Case

This bass comes with a Fender Hard Case dating between 1967-1971. Although technically the incorrect case, this may still be the original case. Fender state that this bass came with a white hard case with a slightly different Fender logo, however the original customer may of requested a Black case instead, or simply changed the case later. It is impossible to know! The case is also in great condition.


For a guitar of this age, this bass is just fantastic. It has a low action and is easy to play. It is not unusual for a guitar for this age to have been modified over the years, but this bass does feature all the most important original parts - neck, body, bridge, scratch plate, pots etc. Which makes this guitar very rare and collectable indeed!

If you require any other information or photos, please feel free to get in touch.


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