Our Workshop

Since 1972 Soundpad has offered comprehensive Workshop services, from Guitar Re-Strings to Modifications. As guitarists and musicians ourselves, we pride ourselves on offering a personal one to one service. We spend the time to discuss your needs and requirements, and we will talk you through the options available.

For more information on the services we offer, please feel free to call, email or visit our Barnstaple shop.

Graham setting up a Stratocaster
Guitar Full Setup

A professionally guitar setup is an inexpensive way to get the most out of your guitar. With over 50 years experience of setting up guitars, we take the time to discuss your needs and requirements. We can then tailor the guitar setup to your guitar and your  playing style, resulting in a better setup for you. A full setup includes: Clean and Oil Fretboard, Polish Frets, Re-string with strings of your choice (price of strings not included), Reset String Height (Action), Reset Intonation, Check Electrics (electronic fitting / fixing not included) and Polish Guitar Neck and Body.

For more information on setups or an evaluation of your guitar, please call, email or visit us in our Barnstaple shop.

Full Setup (Electric/Bass/Acoustic) £45*
Full Setup (Locking Tremolo) £55*
Full Setup & Fret Dress (Electric/Bass/Acoustic) £80*
Full Setup & Fret Dress (Locking Tremolo) £90*
Full Setup & Fitting New Nut (Bone, Graphtech) £79*
Full Setup & Fitting New Acoustic Saddle (Bone) £79*
*Price of strings and additional parts not included.

Guitar Re-String

Regularly changing your guitar strings is one of the most important things when playing guitar. It keeps your guitar sounding and feeling at its best. As part of a restring, we also Clean / Oil  the Fingerboard and Polish the Frets. Cleaning the fingerboard keeps your new strings newer longer, and polishing the frets makes your guitar feel better to play. We also Polish the guitar neck and body with Musicnomad 'The One' Carnauba Guitar Polish.

Re-String (Electric/Acoustic/Bass) £15*
Re-String (Locking Trem/Classical/12-String) £20*
*Price of strings not included.
Guitar Modifications

We offer a range of guitar Modifications, from changing pickups to fitting coil taps, kill switches and much more. We also work with local luthiers to offer a range of woodwork repairs and modifications.

For more information or a evaluation of your guitar, please call, email or visit our Barnstaple Shop.
Other Guitar Services

Nut & Headstock Repairs

New Nut (Bone, Graphtech) £42
New Nut (12-String) £52
New Nut (Brass) £59
New Saddle (Acoustic - Bone) £42
New Saddle (Acoustic - Graphtech) £29
Repair Headstock Breaks from £100
Repair Headstock Break & Re-Spray from £175

Acoustic Specific Work
Full Setup & Bridge Plane £110
New Saddle (Bone) £42
New Saddle (Graphtech) £32

Fishman Rare Earth Fitting
Rare Earth purchased from Soundpad £15
Rare Earth Purchased from Elsewhere £35

Transducer Pickup Fitting
Pickup purchased from Soundpad £30
Pickup purchased from Elsewhere £50

Neck & Fingerboard
Re-Fret, including a Full Setup (Maple or Rosewood) £190 Estimated
Re-Fret, including a Full Setup (Bound Neck) 230 Estimated
Electronics Fitting & Modifications (Pickups/Circuits)
Solid-body Pickup Fitting £25
Hollow / Semi-Hollow Pickup Fitting £35
Wiring / Electronics Charge per Hour £32